Group ComponentΒΆ

Creates no actual solid, but still has a placement (Trans and Rot). Other components placed within this Group component are affected by this placement just as if the group were an enclosing box component.

The following defines a group component called MyGroup:

s:Ge/MyGroup/Parent = "World"
d:Ge/MyGroup/TransX=2. m
d:Ge/MyGroup/TransY=2. m
d:Ge/MyGroup/TransZ=0. m
d:Ge/MyGroup/RotX=0. deg
d:Ge/MyGroup/RotY=0. deg
d:Ge/MyGroup/RotZ=30. deg

The following example shows how a Group Component, Jaws, placed in a nozzle, allows one to position two individual movable collimator blocks, Jaw_Upper and Jaw_Lower, without the creation of an extraneous mother volume:

s:Ge/Jaws/Type = "Group"
s:Ge/Jaws/Parent = "Nozzle"
d:Ge/Jaws/TransZ = 0. m
s:Ge/Jaw_Upper/Type = "TsBox"
s:Ge/Jaw_Upper/Parent = "Jaws"
s:Ge/Jaw_Upper/Material = "Tungsten"
d:Ge/Aperture/TransY = 2. cm
s:Ge/Jaw_Lower/Type = "TsBox"
s:Ge/Jaw_Lower/Parent = "Jaws"
s:Ge/Jaw_Lower/Material = "Tungsten"
d:Ge/Aperture/TransY = -2. cm