Volumetric Source

The Volumetric source emit particles from randomly sampled starting positions from within the radioactive volume of a given component.

This source type has been designed for Brachytherapy applications (though there may be other applications as well).

Specify source type as:

s:So/MySource/Type = "Volumetric"

And then add an additional required parameter:


to specify which material within the given component should be considered radioactive.

So, for example, if you have:

s:So/MySource/Type = “Volumetric” s:So/MySource/Component = “ActiveSource” sc:So/MySource/ActiveMaterial = “G4_Ir”

particles will start from randomly sampled positions within the Iridium parts of the component named ActiveSource.

Examples that use this source can be found in:

  • examples/Brachytherapy
  • examples/Basic/VolumetricSource.txt

The energies and species of the emitted particles can be specified using the same parameters available to the Beam Sources.